About Us

We’ve spent more than ten years together as a married couple and are parents to two wonderful young children. Our life has found its grounding in Lexington, Kentucky, where we’re raising our family and expanding our business.

James, using his skills in computer science, is committed to a very practical goal. He wants to make high-quality websites, often seen as expensive, more accessible to the regular person. His dream is to simply level the playing field, making great online presence a possibility for everyone.

Amber brings to the table years of customer service experience and her passion for the English language and writing. She finds immense joy in editing, almost as though it were a hobby. Aspiring to be a published author, there might come a day when you can proudly proclaim that your website was edited by a renowned author!

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Contact us anytime and we will provide you with a free quote as well as a timeline to complete your project.

Give us a call at (812) 584-9599 or send us an email at jamesclsteele@gmail.com

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